Thursday, November 19, 2009

…salty details

Decided to add a few more similar with the last ones from Turda salt mine.

Could not decide which one of the first two images to include so I included both.

I liked the details where pieces of wood would carve their way through salt.

turda-salt-mine-Rudolf-hall turda-salt-mine-Rudolf-hall-HDR
turda-salt-mine-stairs-from-Rudolf-hall turda-salt-mine-salted-stairs
turda-salt-mine-salted-wood-2 turda-salt-mine-salted-wood


Adi Dancu said...

Cool shots of the Rudolf chamber! Since I've last been there (2006) they added a lot of new stuff. I have to check it out sometime...

BigMarry said...

Yeah, can't wait to have a basketball game there...